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Motivate Student Behavior, Grades, Attitude and School Attendance
As low as 30 Cents per Reward, Free Samples and We Can Bill Your School

At, we offer a positive behavior reward program that really works and is inexpensive. We can bill your school and provide free samples.

Our approach to school discipline is based on Positive Reinforcement and Positive Peer Pressure. It easily adapts to meet your needs, is easy to implement, and very effective.

A Positive Behavior Reward System is based on supporting desirable school behavior rather than punishing bad behavior, and can quickly improve the behavior of most students. Our behavior modification program combines praise with visible rewards and teaches students that rewards come from doing the right things, and from pleasing their teachers. There are many advantages to a positive approach to school discipline.

Teachers use our iron-on patches to motivate behavior, attitude, grades, effort, improvement, attendance, achievements, personal victories, listening, following instructions, or anything the teacher wants the students to do. There are over 250 Testimonials and success stories for our program.

"We are completely happy with the patches and their pricing." Denise, Ohio

"The motivational reward patches have been a HUGE success." Kevin, PA

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